Oneiran scientist, former student of Dr. Rafael Sandoval. Reficul is a specialist in artificial life form design and construction, primarily humanoid-focused. He is equally skilled in creating them mechanically (through the science of biomechanics) and biologically (through genetic engineering and Reficul has, at various occasions, been employed to create or refine the designs of others, most especially when Omnicorp called him in to reverse-engineer Dr. Albrecht Gora's Marionettes. Years later, Reficul would be called upon by the Sekhmet to create a new generation of specialized artificial transport suits for them, and later would be engaged by Mendel Kyren to solve the mystery of the clone known as J-3.

Typically, Reficul is found in the company of or under the orders of Kyra Jenolan Sandoval. His reasons for this alliance or the ultimate purpose of his work has yet to be revealed.

The story is ongoing.


-Nataz Reciful = Lucifer Satan