J-3 is the second clone of Jayla Kyren, created by Dr. Rachel Kyren on Ganymede, using purloined Ghram cloning technology. Unlike Jayla-2, who considers herself an "anticlone," J-3 considers herself Jayla Kyren resurrected, and treates Jayla's brother Mendel Kyren as her actual brother.

Rachel Kyren has designed Jayla-2 to be her weapon of revenge against Kienan Ademetria, fully expecting that she would perish in the task of killing Kienan Ademetria for (in her mind) murdering her daughter. J-3, as evinced by her closer similarity to Jayla, was meant to replace her daughter, and thus was shipped to Ganymede, to be raised as "family."

Unlike Jayla-2, who possessed all of Jayla Kyren's memories, J-3 was implanted with a sanitized copy of Jayla's memory, and only then up to the age of eleven, which gave her a stunted and somewhat childike view of the world and her life.

Owing to her hybrid human/alien genetic makeup (whether intentional or as a result of Dr. Kyren's inability to properly tailor the cloning unit is uclear) J-3's biology veers substantially from that of a bseline human. Her strength and endurance are well above base human level and she posesses a unique defensive ability--from the channels on her arms, shoulders, and abdomen, she can extrude crystalline formations. Though initially very hard and sharp, within an hour, they become brittle and crumble away. The amount of time necessary for J-3 to regenerate them has not been determined.

Additionally, owing to her unstable genetic makeup, J-3 would die soon after her activation. In an attempt to prevent this, Mendel retained the services of Dr. Natas Reficul, who accepted for his own unrevealed reasons. Neither were able to help her, and without her body chemistry properly stabilized, she would perish in a matter of days.

Ogress, one of the few surviving Ghram, has been monitoring the activation of the cloning unit and told Jayla-2 of the existence of the clone. For her own reasons, Ogress gave Jayla-2 a stabilizing agent that would resolve the genetic incompatibility, but asked that Jayla-2 go to Ganymede and destroy the cloning unit.

However, when offered the stabilizer, J-3 accused her sister of trying to poison her and crushed the stabilizer underfoot. With no means to get more stabilizer in time and the cloning unit rendered inoperable, it is assumed that J-3's body chemistry and died soon after.