Head of the Blue Dragon Syndicate, Kuran Branch. Mao Xai Jian first rose to prominence in the Syndicate ranks when he was assigned to the Khalis colony. While there, Xai Jian established several lucrative contacts with the Kehphren and his prestige rose in the Syndicate rapidly owing to his shrewd mind and his practiced skill in handling problems quietly. He also discovered and nurtured the talents of Toriares Ata'e, who became his master assassin and right hand man.

To better facilitate the establishment of Syndicate dominance, Xai Jian was soon seconded to the Frontier. In the wake of the Rigellian War, had become a land of opportunity. Upon his arrival at Kuran, Xai Jian was immediately involved in a conflict with the established criminal organization led by Toriares' sister, Marasi Ata'e.

During this conflict Xai Jian made contact with Kienan Ademetria, who had just become infamous in the underground fighting circuit known as the bloodmatches as the first human to ever become champion. Kienan was offered a job, and on the very night he was hired, Mao was able to formulate a plan to remove Marasi and her gang from the picture and establish primacy in Kuran without the matter leading to a full-scale war in the streets.

Thus established, the Kuran branch then spent the next year in conflict with the various rival Syndicates that were trying to establish a foothold on the Frontier. Owing to their complete control of Kuran, Kienan and Torares' skill in dealing with their enemies and Xai Jian's skill in outmaneuvering and dispatching his opponents, the Blue Dragons soon cemented their control over the populated sectors of the Frontier.

In the year following, Xai Jian tried to broker a non-aggression agreement with the Pirate Clans, but owing to the treachery of Pirate Red and Kilana Montero, this was ultimately unsuccessful, and Pirate raids on Blue Dragon ships are a continuing problem for the Syndicate to the present day.

Xai Jian granted Toriares' retirement and helped to arrange his marriage. Kienan was then promoted to master assassin, and while he showed an aptitude for the work, Xai Jian was well aware that his new master assassin lacked the former's cool strategic mind, but Kienan's relentlessness and brutal skill outweighed his other shortcomings.

In an effort to establish a legacy and provide Kienan Ademetria an entrée into the higher echelons of the Blue Dragon hierarchy (generally thought to be impossible, as the Blue Dragons did not allow anyone not native-born Chinese into positions of power) Xai Jian sent for his third daughter, Korin Xai Jian and attempted to arrange a marriage. Korin was ambitious and genuinely interested in Kienan, but had no wish to marry her, and thus spurned, she plotted revenge on them both.

She would find her chance two years later, when she attempted to set her father adrift and take command of his organization while they were out on their ship touring the Frontier. Unwilling to kill her father and ensure that the Blue Dragons would see her not as a target but a renegade, her intent was to assert that he was "missing," and frame Kienan for setting him adrift.

Kienan defeated her plans, but unable to kill her for the same reasons as she could not kill her father, she was disowned and exiled.

Three years later, Korin returned, now in command of the Jade Tigers and, allied with Mao [Guy from GMB4] had a new plan for revenge. With no standing in the Xai Jian family, Korin planned to murder her father and rule Kuran and the Frontier in partnership with [GMB4 Guy] and assert her control over the Frontier.

Each of the two conspirators handled one side of the plan. Korin was in the process of arranging a transfer to Kuran of a score of Jade Tiger robots, when she was thwarted by Diamond Dust and the White Dragon operative known as Ronah. While her forces were destroyed, Korin did manage to escape and make her way to the Frontier.

While her plans were ultimately unsuccessful, and she and her conspirator were both murdered by Kienan Ademetria, Korin did managed to exact her revenge on her father and saw him die.

Xai Jian is survived by eight other children, all daughters. Their names have not been revealed save for his eldest, Kuan-Yin Xai Jian.