The Olympus Vanguard. From left to right: A Knight, Vietsche, Soldato, Mosul, and a Black Tiger Marine

Name given to the Olympus Corporation's security forces. The Vanguard is a private army under the command of Captain Meridius Soldato, who oversees its operations and organization.

The footsolders of the Vanguard are the silver-armored Knights, who are typically deployed to protect installations and support mechanized infantry. An offshoot of the Knight corps are the Marines (nicknamed the "Black Tigers") under the command of Vietsche. The Marines are deployed from Centaur fighters, where they land on enemy capital ships, burn their way into the ships and attempt to take over or incapacitate the enemy ship.

The starfighter command, led by Lt. Omar Mosul, pilots the Centaur starfighters, which, in addition to engaging enemy fleets, also deploy Marines against enemy ships.

Recently, the Starfighter corps have been supplemented by the Vanguard's new Lancer cruisers, providing the Vanguard with even more power than before.

Typically, the Vanguard recruits from the United Earth Forces, and frequently Vanguard recruits are from Earth colonies (there are some native-born Earthers, but they are extremely rare) Soldato promises his recruits rapid advancement and better pay than a standard UEF soldier would expect to be paid, and his leadership style tends to engender a high level of loyalty to Soldato.

While it can be postulated that as the Vanguard's responsibilities have grown in scope it should commensurately grow along with those responsibilities, some have wondered if the Vanguard possesses ambitions over and above the protection of Soldato's interests. The ultimate goal of Soldato and the Vanguard has yet to be revealed.