Dr. Rachel Kyren Edit

Gifted geneticist and mother of Jayla Kyren.

Upon learning of her estranged daughter's death and Kienan Ademetria's involvement with her, Dr. Kyren embarked on a plan of revenge. Enlisting the cyborg known as Gold and Pirate Red, she used some sampled genetic material gestated in an alien cloning unit (purloined Ghram technology from Dragos' Modayan soldiers) to create Jayla-2, intending to use the anti-clone as a weapon of retribution against Kienan.

While her plans for revenge came to nothing, and she ultimately committed suicide upon the unraveling of her plan. However, another element of her plan lay dormant for several years after her death, when her son Mendel Kyren discovered a second cloning on Ganymede and within a second Jayla clone, J-3. It is commonly assumed that Jayla-2 was created to slay Kienan (presumably being killed in the process or disposed of later) while J-3's design was closer to Jayla's pattern (though altered by the alien genetic factors within the cloning unit) with an eye toward being a more proper resurrection of her deceased daughter.

Dr. Kyren was an accomplished genetic engineer and skilled in cloning and advanced genetic designed, able to gain a working knowledge of cloning technology far in advance of what the human race had achieved.