A race of amphibious aliens from the planet Mizeus on the Frontier, the Verg generally resemble a humanoid version of an earth shark. Conditioned for the pressures of their oceanic world, they possess incredibly dense skin and muscle tissue, giving them immense strength and endurance in and out of the water, though they are typically fitted with special hydration units when operating for extended periods of time out of water.

They are generally aloof but can be aggressive if provoked, most easily at the sight or scent of blood. Sufficiently excited Verg will attack anything, including other Verg, in this state. Kienan Ademetria was able to incite a group of Verg to turn on the man they were protecting by giving him a small cut and waiting for the scent to drive them into a frenzy.

Culturally tribal and disorganized, the Verg have no central government and are commonly used as hired muscle by the local criminal Syndicates on the Frontier.